Anni house rules

We ask you to treat the property provided to you at the holiday house with care and to use the rooms, furniture, dishware and cookware in the holiday house with proper use. If the property at the holiday house is not treated with care (the property is broken, destroyed, ruined, lost, etc.), you’re required to compensate us for the material damage you have caused based on the repair or purchase invoices.  You will be charged € 5 for each broken dish.

Please keep the holiday house and its territory clean and in good order.

The provider of the accommodation services is not responsible for the loss of personal items in the holiday house. When leaving the holiday house, always make sure that the door is locked and the windows closed.

Smoking is prohibited in the holiday house. If this rule is ignored, you are required to pay for the cleaning of the sofas, rugs and curtains, and to pay rent for three additional days, during which the holiday house will be aired out.

On the territory of the holiday house, please park your cars only in the designated areas.

Please vacate the rooms by 12 a.m. on the day of departure.

Please hand the holiday house over being in the same condition as when you arrived, including washing all the dishes you have used.  We also ask that you enable the provider of the accommodations service or its representative to inspect the rooms before you leave.  Cleaning services can be ordered from the holiday house, based on the prices established in the price-list.

If the keys are lost or not returned to the accommodations provider, you are financially liable for the cost of replacing the locks. You will be charged € 150 for a lost key.

Fire safety

Open fires are prohibited in the holiday house. Smoking is prohibited in the holiday house.

Upon arrival at the holiday house, familiarize yourself with the evacuation exits and location of the life-saving equipment.

When leaving the room, switch off all power-consuming devices.

In case of fire, immediately notify the emergency centre by calling 112 and also the provider of the accommodation service by calling +372 50 82 702

If the fire cannot be extinguished independently, close the windows, exit the room, close the door and go to the nearest exit.

If you are barbecuing, do so at least ten metres from the house. When barbecuing make sure the fire is constantly supervised and after using the barbecue equipment, make sure the charcoal is extinguished or extinguish it with water or smother it with sand.

Bonfires may be built only in the designated area.